Lyric Opera of Chicago

Terms of Use

Individual Ticket Sales

All individual ticket sales are final. There are no refunds. Exchanges may be possible (subject to availability; fees may apply). Offers are subject to availability, are non-transferable, are not valid on previously purchased tickets or in combination with another offer; only specially-allocated seat locations can be assigned. Offer may expire at discretion of management. Percent discount solely applied to initial full price; prices are subject to change. Exchanges may be possible but are not guaranteed/discount does not carryover to exchanged date. Fees may apply.

Subscription Ticket Sales

Subscription sales are final after September 10.

Please know that we cannot make new seat assignments until the completion of our renewal campaign.  Our ability to fulfill your request is contingent upon your specific request, the results of our renewal campaign, the date of your order and our long-standing policy specifying that seating priorities go to annual contributors based on level of giving.

Fully paid subscription tickets showing specific seat assignments will be mailed around Labor Day.

Subscription purchase payment plans:
If you've paid 50% the balance is automatically charged to same credit card on June 1. If paying by check, balance due will be invoiced.
If you've paid 25% the balance is automatically charged to same credit card in 3 equal monthly installments commencing 30 days after order date. 
Please contact the Ticket Department if there are any changes to your credit card number or expiration date.

Subscription Statuses:
RENEW:  same series, section & seats
IMPROVE:  same series & section, different seats
CHANGE:  different series &/ or section
NEW:   no prior year subscription 
MULTIPLE:  more than one series / section;  not all are Renewals


NExT Ticket Sales

Lyric Opera NExT is restricted to full-time, degree-seeking college and university students. Continuing education, part-time, and high school students do not qualify. NExT registrants will be notified via email when NExT tickets become available for a performance.

Each NExT ticketholder must present his/her ticket AND his/her own valid college ID to the usher for entry into the theater (i.e., if you purchased 2 student tickets both you and your guest must present a valid college ID to the usher).

We encourage early arrival to avoid long lines. No late seating, no admittance while the performance is in progress.

Tickets are sold in advance; online purchases only. No rush tickets. No refunds. Seat locations are assigned on a first-come, first-seated basis and cannot be changed after purchase. Cast subject to change. The management reserves the right to refund ticket purchase price and refuse admission to any person who may cause a disturbance. License granted herein may be revoked upon refund of purchase price.


Child Tickets

Lyric may offer Child tickets for school-age children up to age 17. For the 2013/14 season, Child tickets are offered for The Family Barber and all performances of The Barber of Seville. All children must be accompanied by an adult. No babes in arms or lapsitting. Child tickets subject to availability. All ticket sales are final. No refunds; Child ticket prices may not be applied retroactively should a child attend with you.

Subscription Ticket Exchanges

In the event you exchange into a lower price section or performance, we regret we cannot refund the difference.  Subscription ticket exchanges are subject to availability. Exchange fees may apply. Click here for more details.


Performance attendance

The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who may cause a disturbance.

The use of a ticket acknowledges a willingness to appear in photographs or video taken for print, television, or film in the public areas of the theater and releases Lyric Opera of Chicago from liability resulting from the use of such photographs.

Please be on time

All performances begin promptly, and there are no refunds for latecomers.

Latecomers will be admitted only at a suitable break in the performance, and seating location will be at the discretion of the management. If you are late, it may not be possible to seat you until the interval; if the production has no interval, you may not be admitted at all.

Leaving and coming back

If you leave your seat during the performance, and our late seating call has occurred, we will reseat you at the next interval.

Wheelchair Policy

The Civic Opera House is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  ADA regulations state that we must make our facility accessible to people with disabilities, but are not required to physically assist people into our facility.  

The Civic Opera House provides the following options to visitors requiring special accommodations:

  • Patron assistance is available curbside on North Wacker Drive to aid in the removal of wheelchairs from cars or taxis.  ADA guidelines suggest that persons with wheelchairs who need further assistance should travel with a companion to assist them on entering the building, moving through the facility, and helping them to their seats in The Civic Opera House.

  • The Civic Opera House provides two options for wheelchair patrons.  Please notify the Civic Opera House staff as you are purchasing your ticket(s) or upon arrival at the Opera House if you will need to secure access to either type of seating accommodations:

  1. Patrons that must or choose to  remain in their wheelchairs during the performance can be accommodated in several seating locations throughout the Opera House.  Companion seating is provided adjacent to each location.  

  2. Patrons who are able to transfer on their own from their wheelchairs can utilize seats with removable aisle-side arm-rests.  This type of seating is available throughout the Opera House area, with adjacent seating for companions.  After patrons transfer to a seat, their wheelchairs will need to be removed from the auditorium and returned for use during intermission and at the conclusion of the performance. If assistance with the removal of the wheelchair is desired, please contact an usher.

  • The Civic Opera House maintains a wheelchair for emergency use by medical personnel, which must be kept available for that use at all times.  The Civic Opera House does not have a wheelchair available for us by patrons for traditional seating and/or transportation.


Wheelchair/Accessibility FAQ's:

Q: Are there always wheelchair locations available for every performance?

A: No. Following ADA rules, we will release seats being held in the designated wheelchair locations if the rest of the section is almost sold-out.  Wheelchair locations are possible at every price range, including some balcony locations, until the section is almost sold-out.  


Q: I need a wheelchair to take me from the curb into the house and to my seat. Do you have a wheelchair I can use and ushers who will help me?

A: No. The Civic Opera House maintains a single wheelchair that is restricted for use by medical personnel in emergency situations and must be available for that sole use at all times.  The Civic Opera house does not offer the use of a wheelchair for this purpose.  We are also unable, due to liability constraints, to offer assistance of any type to lift or physically transfer patrons our of wheelchairs and into or out of theater seats.


Q: I'm in a wheelchair and have a companion who will help me into the house and assist me into my seat or wheelchair seating location. Do I have to buy a ticket for my companion?

A: No, in most cases, a companion can sit in the Civic Opera House lobby and watch the performance on a monitor, if you choose not to purchase an extra ticket or if the performance is sold-out and extra tickets are not available.  If you want ensure that your companion stays with you during the performance, then a second ticket purchase is necessary.


Q: If I don't need a wheelchair platform but have a wheelchair/walker/scooter, what happens to my wheelchair/walker/scooter while I'm in my seat?

A: An usher can assist you by moving your wheelchair/walker/scooter out of the aisle and bringing it back to you at each intermission and at the end of the performance. Please ask for assistance upon arrival at The Civic Opera House or upon entering the seating areas.


Q: Are there elevators to take me to the balconies?

A: Yes.


Q: Where are the wheelchair accessible restrooms?

A: All restrooms in The Civic Opera House are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the restrooms located in the Opera Club, the area located below the main floor that is accessed by two flights of stairs.

There are also two restrooms on the main floor, just north of the elevator banks, designated for handicap use.  


Q: Can I bring my oxygen tank?

A: Oxygen tanks are allowed as long as the tanks does not hiss or make any other noises that would potentially disturb neighboring patrons and are sized so that are not an obstruction in a seating row on in an aisle.  If the tank is noisy or uses an over-sized carrier, please make that known as you are purchasing your tickets as other seating options might be available.


Q: Do I have to pay extra for a wheelchair platform to be set up?

A: No.  Please indicate your need for the platform at the same time that you are purchasing your tickets.  Advance notice is needed to ensure accommodations can be made.


Q: Do you have any seats with removable armrests?

A: Yes.  That type is seating is available throughout the Opera House.


Q: I'm not sure if one of my guests will need a wheelchair location or not.  Can a wheelchair platform be set up once I arrive?  

A: No.  Please indicate the need for a wheelchair platform or wheelchair accessible seating when making your initial ticket purchase.  The Civic Opera House is unable to erect a wheelchair platform per patron request upon arrival on performance days.

Please enjoy your visit.



Merchandise Sales

Merchandise items will be shipped within 4 weeks and cannot be shipped to a PO Box address. Season Companions and Libretti for the upcoming season are shipped beginning in August. Items ordered together may not necessarily be shipped together. All merchandise sales are final. There are no refunds, and exchanges are allowed only for different sizes of the same merchandise item and are limited by availability.



The Sarah and Peer Pedersen Room

Please arrive on time. Pre-performance reservations will be held for up to 15 minutes past the reserved seating time.

To cancel or reschedule a reservation, please call the Reservation Hotline.
312.827.5700 (9 am – 5 pm weekdays, 10 am – 5 pm Saturdays, 10 am – curtain Sunday matinees)

Entry to the restaurant is through the Civic Opera House after presentation of tickets.


Ryan Opera Center Auditions

Please note that credit-card processing of the application fee does not guarantee that an audition will be granted. If granted an audition, your $25 application fee is not refundable. If no audition is granted, the fee will be refunded to your credit card immediately.